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Motionofassorted is my youtube page, filled with videos of animations, reviews, and gameplay!

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  • new page Problems in the studio
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: Now with not many crew, I have a few problems, 1 I have no crew, 2 I don't have any funding to get equipment, and 3 I need a better video camera. If...
  • new page Mr. Creeper
    created by Motionofassorted
    New page: Mr. Creeper? ProfileEdit Mr. Creeper is well, a creeper, that escaped the MINECRAFT world. He is pretty much a little addition to the Bee and Bob...
  • new page Rose
    created by Motionofassorted
    New page: Rose's profileEdit Rose, currently has no voice actress, so it would help if someone could contribute to that. Rose is one of the most sensible of...

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  • new page Bee Jr.
    created by Motionofassorted
    New page: Bee Jr.'s profileEdit Bee Jr. Voiced by Youtube's ITnuts, is Bee's and Rose's son, he sort of plays a big role in it, even if you may not notice it....
  • new page Bob
    created by Motionofassorted
    New page: Bob's profileEdit Bob is a character who is also for "the Adventures of Bee and Bob". He has a high optomism level that goes well with his IQ, which...
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  • edit Bee
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    Edited the section: Bee's profile
  • new page Bee
    created by Motionofassorted
    New page: An AdventurousEdit Early LifeEdit
  • edit Motionofassorted Wiki
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  • discussion page Welcome!
    comment by Sarah Manley
    Sarah Manley

    Sarah Manley

    Hey there! We're excited to have Motionofassorted Wiki as part of the Wikia community! There's still a lot to do, so here are s... 

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