Bob's profileEdit

Bob is a character who is also for "the Adventures of Bee and Bob".

He has a high optomism level that goes well with his IQ, which most people say, is as low as a pencil shaving layed flat down and crushed. Although sometime his stupidity saves Bee and himself.

He is first introduced at Bee's house in episode 1 (comic edition). He then later didn't know what to do, so he started writing his own comic, known as Snake Bite (originally made by the maker and voice of Bob).

Since Bee actually has a phobia of snakes, Bee threw the comic into his TV which was powered with tiny radioactive isotopes, the isotopes have very bad effects on TVs, so it caused a universal vortex, sucking Bee and Bob from their peaceful LEGO world and recreating them into a new universe. The Snake universe, with Bob being the creator of Snake Bite, he becomes a snake himself, however Bee didn't.

Now in a universe where there are no stud or building capabilities, how would they escape?

You may not have guessed it, Bob did. Since he is a snake, he befriended a gang known as The Snakes. The two main snakes that we know about is Sammy and Tia.

After saving Bee from certain death in Rattle Pit, the snake arena, they got a TV and sent Bee and Bob back to their universe.

And that's where the story continues...

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