Bee's profileEdit

Bee is one of the many characters in the upcoming Ädventures of Bee and Bob".Edit

Much earlier in his life, his brother Bob popped a baloon in front of his face, not only did it hurt but his voice is now permanentally stuck like that.

Later on in his life he got kidnapped by a ninja, only to find out that he was one himself, the ninja of creativity.

Much before that on his holiday to Australia, he met an English minifig named Rose, she was later married to Bee and they built a son named Bee Jr.

Later on from that, he and Bob got enlisted to be agents, working with a shifty looking (well it was hard to tell if he was shifty because his shades seem permanent to his face, and he always had one eyebrow up.), Johnny Bond. (A mixture of Johnny English and James Bond. I couldn't think of a better name.)

Now the rest of the story, will just need to be seen.

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